Scheme is a classic programming language in the Lisp family. It emphasizes functional programming and domain-specific languages but adapts to other styles. Known for its clean and minimalist design, Scheme is one of the longest-lived and best-studied dynamic languages, and has many fast and portable implementations.

From the Scheme standard reports:

Programming languages should be designed not by piling feature on top of feature, but by removing the weaknesses and restrictions that make additional features appear necessary. Scheme demonstrates that a very small number of rules for forming expressions, with no restrictions on how they are composed, suffice to form a practical and efficient programming language that is flexible enough to support most of the major programming paradigms in use today.

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Bigloo Fast Scheme-to-C and Scheme-to-JVM compiler R5
Chez Scheme Cross-module optimizing native-code compiler R6
Chibi-Scheme Small embeddable interpreter with many optional libraries R7
CHICKEN Scheme-to-C compiler with a big, friendly community R5 R7
Cyclone New Scheme-to-C compiler with native threads R7
Gambit Fast, concurrent, retargetable optimizing compiler R5 R7
Gauche Fast script interpreter with many built-in libraries R5 R7
Gerbil Scheme with actors and objects built on Gambit R5 R7
Guile Main Scheme implementation of the GNU project R6 R7
JazzScheme Object-oriented GUI and IDE built on Gambit R5
Kawa JVM compiler with many extensions to Scheme R7
Loko Bare-metal native-code compiler R6 R7
MIT/GNU Scheme Native-code compiler and development environment R5 R7
Mosh Fast and complete R6RS interpreter R6 R7
s7 Embeddable interpreter for music applications R7
Sagittarius Script interpreter with many built-in libraries R6 R7
SCM Portable C implementation that begat Guile and SLIB R5
STklos Interpreter with CLOS object-oriented GUI R7
Ypsilon Incremental native-code compiler with concurrent GC R6 R7


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